Letter to my Sister

December 30, 2022

Vergese Nicht

Fountain pen, fine silver clay, resin.  Engraved on the cap is a letter the I wrote to my sister when I was five years old.

“It all began with a simple copper soldered necklace and a hammered spoon when I was twelve.  Many goldsmith classes followed until I discovered metal clay in 2006.  Since then, my “Spielraum” (creative room) is always with me.”

Letter to my sister

The Letter reads:

"Liebe Beate, Wie geht es Dir? Mir geht es gut.

Vergese nich mir wieder Schreiben.

Deine Christine

In English, this translates to "Dear Beate, How are you? I am doing well. Do not forget to write to me. Yours, Christine"

Find the link to "Crafthaus Publication", where the pen was featured.